The summer 512K mac still works

It is not known today that things were much stronger than before, because the bookmakers had nothing to talk about at the time, and nobody had heard of programming the product’s life at that time. That is why it is not a big surprise that even after a few decades of lying down, the computer will continue to function.

Chris Espinosa is a former Apple employee who has worked in Californian for many years, including as a member of the team responsible for the original Mac. One day, while browsing the magazine belonging to his mother, he found Maca 512K, which in his original packaging was 30 years old.

Chris was curious as to whether or not the computer would work for so long. So he connected a 20 MB Apple hard drive, and also an Imagewriter printer and tried to turn it on. It turned out that the equipment was launched without the slightest problem and showed no damage.

It can be said that Apple used to make really solid hardware, unfortunately it is not what modern products of this concern.

More pictures presenting this antique machine can be found here.

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