The Secret Service has lost its laptop

The United States secretary of defense, Secret Service, has lost one of his laptops. A computer can provide a thief with access to its servers containing secret data.

Donald Trump’s Secret Service is not too professional. Two serious incidents occurred this week. One of them was a man who had not been disturbed by anyone entering the White House and had been walking for 16 minutes before being detained.

The second mistake is the Secret Service’s loss of the latopa. The computer has been stolen from one of the agency’s vehicles and can provide the thief with access to the servers where the classified information is stored. The source, which revealed the theft case, claims that the laptop contains information about Trump Tower plans and additional details related to ensuring the president’s safety.

The Secret Service claims that theft of the laptop is not a threat because the computer is protected by several layers of encryption, but if the thief would break the security, then it can get to the agency’s servers.

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