The second phase of ExoMars mission postponed to 2020

Roskomos, the Russian Federal Space Agency and the European Space Agency have reported some problems with the joint program called ExoMars. Representatives from both agencies published a joint communiqué showing that the second phase of the mission was postponed to 2020.

Many countries are involved in space congestion projects, and one of the most promising programs is ExoMars, jointly developed by the European Space Agency and Roskosmos. Its purpose is to send to Mars a mission that would look for traces of life there, and this task will be dealt with a new Mars rover equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments.

Both agencies, however, reported that the second phase of the ExoMars program was delayed and its implementation was postponed until 2020. The mission was originally scheduled to start in 2018, but technical problems with the equipment being designed led to the need to postpone the start.

I will add that the first phase of ExoMars began without any obstacles, and its purpose was to send two ships to Mars, which should arrive there in October. The Trace Gas Orbiter will be placed in the Red Planet’s orbit and will measure the types of gases in its atmosphere. Schiaparell lander, on the other hand, is supposed to settle on the surface of the planet.

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