The Russians will build a floating nuclear power plant

It can not be hidden that atomic electrons are a source of relatively cheap, clean and safe energy. The Russians know this well, so they are working on a project to build floating nuclear power plants.

Nuclear reactors have been supplying the largest ships for years, so it would simply be an extension of this idea. The project is designed to create a whole fleet of such floating power plants that could power cities, factories and even drilling platforms.

The Russians have already experienced the same vision, because a few years ago they built the Lomonosov Academy, which was to be the first floating nuclear power station, but due to lack of funds, the project was temporarily suspended. Now it was possible to find the money, so the Lomonosov Dormitory will be finished and provide about 70 MW of electricity and 300 MW of heat.

Lomonosov is merely a hedge of the route, because Russians of such ships, each measuring 140 x 30 meters, want to build much more. So far, it is planned to build eight, but if the project is successful, there will be another. Interestingly, 15 states have expressed their interest in floating nuclear power plants.

Maybe our country should buy such. They would certainly be cheaper than building their own power plant and we would not have to wait 10 more years to build it.

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