The remains of the comet ISON will fall to the ground?

Just a few months ago the world of science was excited by the comet of the century of ISON, which was supposed to fly near Earth. But the comet, after approaching the Sun, has fallen apart, and now it may be that some of its remains may fall on our planet.

Paul Wiegert, a University of Western astronomer, has decided to create a computer model of the trajectories of ISON fragments and found out that some of them at the end of this week were to cross the trajectory of our planet. This could result in a spectacular rain of meteorites illuminating the earth’s atmosphere.

But the scientist must have had something wrong, because there are no reports of this happening right now. Perhaps nothing will happen, because even if the ISON fragments have fallen to Earth, they are so small that they have lost speed in the atmosphere and will stay in it for some time, so you can forget the spectacular streaks in the sky.

Scientists now intend to send meteorological balloons to catch the particles of the comet to subject them to meticulous research.

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