The police shield with “privacy mode”

Suppressing a riot is a very ungrateful task, which is not easy to understand that the attacker shares a thin shield by the attacker, through which everything can be seen. One student from Nottingham Trent University has created something that will give psychologists a psychological advantage and develop a new kind of shield, transparent only on the one hand.

The police unit’s anti-riot shield is a highly durable polycarbonate that protects officers from injuries from the attackers, often throwing bottles and stones at them. The shield is usually large enough to protect the majority of the police body, but models currently used by officers do not quite fulfill their function.

The problem is the transparent surface of the shield, which provides a large field of view for the officers, but also allows attackers to see everything the police do, not to mention that attackers can make eye contact with the police, and this is not particularly advantageous for psychological reasons. The barrier protecting the body of a policeman would be useful, however, which would give him additional protection against the attackers’ eyes, and this barrier was developed by Ben Palmer.

His invention is a completely new kind of shield, transparent only on the one hand. The policeman on his part still sees the attackers, but on the other hand the shield is opaque, so the attackers can not see what the police do.

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