The PlayBox 4One will finish the console warps

Since the launch of the console, fans of individual brands have argued on which one is the best. The war is also going on between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 users, but with the idea of ​​Eddie Zaricka, it may soon end in full agreement.

Zarick, a well-known moder, who has taken over the baton of Benjamin Heckendorne, known for converting stationary consoles into their portable versions. Now Eddie continues Ben’s work and has just presented his latest idea, which can end the dispute over which console is the best. At least for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 users.

Zarick has finally finished work on the PlayBox 4One project. It’s a compact case with a 22-inch Full HD display, featuring the latest Sony and Microsoft models. Eddie has previously processed these platforms into portable versions, modifying them on a laptop style, and has a hardware like Xbook Duo, which in one housing combines the Xbox 360 and XBox One, as well as Playbook 4s with PS3 and PS4.

This time, he decided to connect these two competing platforms in one device, left the PS4 on the left, and installed the XBOX One on the right. Both devices are powered by the same cable, but due to the risk of overheating, both can not be turned on simultaneously. The special switch we choose, which of the consoles we want to use.

Unfortunately, the PlayBox 4One is only a prototype built for an individual order, so it is not possible to purchase it. Zarick sells all his other works, so the Xbook One has to pay $ 1,500, and the Playbook 4s will be bought for $ 1400.

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