The most powerful ship of the world hit by a dron

According to the portal, the American Navy estimated the losses caused by the drones hit the deck of a Ticonderoga cruiser – USS Chancellorsville. The strike hit in November last year, and the repair will cost $ 30 million.

The USS Chancellorsville (pictured above) took part in a routine exercise during which the crew was tasked with tracking a land-launched drones mimicking a maneuvering missile. For four seconds before the impact, however, contact with the machine hit the ship was lost, hitting the most sensitive point, the superstructure in which the command center and computer systems.

Fortunately no one was killed, and the ship remained in operational capacity. Two sailors, however, were injured and some of the computer hardware was destroyed. In an official press release, we can read that an investigation has been initiated to explain the cause of this incident.

Certainly, this is not a faulty dron in this case, and the fact that any object hit the world’s most powerful ship, the heart of the American missile shield. Unit destined to destroy aircraft, ships and ballistic missiles and anything else that could threaten America.

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