The Mars rover will pass “lobotomy”

NASA engineers are preparing to conduct a lobotomy operation on the electronic brain of the Mars rover Opportunity. The machine has been exploring the Red Planet for 10 years, so memory chips are starting to fail, and data is lost. NASA engineers have a plan to prevent this.

The opportunity was sent to Mars on January 24, 2004, and its main task was to search the surface of the planet for traces of water. The mission was originally planned for only three months, but it soon turned out that the rover could work much longer. The machine has been there for more than 10 years, over a total of more than 22 miles, providing scientists with very relevant data.

Unfortunately, Opportunity electronics, which was not intended for such a long time of work, began to fail. This is mainly the flash memory, which increasingly loses data, and this happens mainly during the night deactivation of the rover. The data collected during the day is transferred from RAM to flash memory and then sent to Mars Odyssey, where it is sent to Earth. The problem is that after the night’s rest, the data disappeared.

At the last holiday, the problem picked up when Opportunity broke off communication with NASA. So it was decided to accelerate its solution and thanks to the efforts of engineers discovered that one of the seven flash banks was damaged. Due to this failure, the rover loses data during the night, and this causes it to restart its computer, ignoring commands issued from the control center.

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