The hackers stole 13 million dollars from ATMs in less than two hours

Hackers have stolen almost 13 million dollars. The operation was carried out on two continents and took only two hours.

Hackers probably broke into one of the South African banks from where they stole customer credit card data, using it to produce a thousand and sixty duplicates. These cards were then used in Japanese ATMs to withdraw money from owner accounts. They suffered the same clients of African banks, though physically the money was paid on another continent.

The way to carry out the entire operation indicates perfect preparation of the entire jump. The maximum daily payout limit at Japanese ATMs is 100,000. Yen, so the criminals had to make a total of 14 thousand. Transactions in 16 Japanese prefectures. It turns out, however, that the $ 12.7 million disbursement took less than two hours.

The police investigating the case are impressed by the scale of the whole operation and the coordination of operations carried out simultaneously on two different continents. Africa has become a source of data, and Japan is the tool to cash out the accounts of African bank customers. Taking into account the number of ATM withdrawals, at least one hundred people still had to be involved in the theft. The issue is already dealt with by Interpol, working with Japanese and African law enforcement agencies.

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