The Gremlins program enters the next stage

US Department of Defense Laboratories have begun work on the next phase of the Gremlins program, which aims to design a reusable drones that take off from an aircraft deck. Four companies have been selected for the competition.

In the autumn of last year DARPA announced a new program called Gremilis. Its purpose is to develop reusable drones that would take off airplanes and operate in rovers, be able to carry out their assigned tasks, and then return to the transport.

Four partners have been identified to design such machines: Lockheed Martin, Dynetics of Alabama, Composite Engineering, and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems of California. Selected companies will explore exploration of innovative and innovative ideas to create a fully functional system.

The Gremlins will start in groups and then move on to the designated goal, pursuing the mission. By the way, they will return to the mobile airport from which they took off, that is, the Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft. And after 24 hours they will be ready for another task. It is expected that the Gremlins will be able to complete up to 20 missions before they need to be replaced, so the army will save a lot of money.

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