The giant screen in a neat design

On my first trip with a touchscreen phone that continues to the present, I started with the LG Arena. At that time, when the frying pan was developing its wings, the phone caught my eye with its appearance and the original “three-dimensional” interface, which was really innovative. After a long break, my LG adventure has been revived, thanks to the latest LG G3 model.

The LG G3, although completely made of plastic, does not hurt as much as it does with the Galaxy S5. The quality of the materials is surprisingly good. In fact, the first impression is that the back is metal – there’s a brushed aluminum design, which adds to the design and elegance of 5th Avenue in NYC. A big plus is the folding of the casing, which does not creak and does not bend. Anyway, this smartphone is just nice. It has a very simple design which by the way gives it such lightness that it is hard to believe that we are dealing with a diagonal screen of 5.5 “! Moreover, despite such a large screen, it is one of the most comfortable to use “flag”. Original solutions such as moving the phone’s on / off buttons and changing the volume from the edge to the back of the case, or the ability to wake up the screen by double tapping on the glass pane, is an ergonomic masterpiece. Just a pattern to imitate.

LG’s “Flag” is very well balanced, which makes it very confident in the palm of your hand. Well, its dimensions do not allow you to fully handle it with one hand, but it just goes down. All your attention immediately focuses on the huge 5.5 “diagonal display with a resolution of 1440×2560. It is these parameters that make the image very sharp and accurate until you do not want to take your eyes off. The frame surrounding the screen is thin enough that, as I mentioned before, it does not feel like the phone is overgrown. Every piece of free space is used here. It is worth mentioning the colors displayed. As a user of “Es Trójki”, I liked very much the colors, so the LG G3 was a surprise to me. A nice? The G3 has been more natural, which is very much praised. In the first moments of use, colors seem to be “washed out” of life, but what looks like the screenshots of the Samsung and the “flag” LG, unceremoniously wins the second. The colors in the pictures are almost the same as the original. For this, the natural “tone” is much less tiring.

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You ask me why so big screen? Well, for people who like to do a few things at once, this is the perfect solution. The LG G3 screen can be divided into two working and independent areas. So we can choose and use two apps at the same time. For instance, I can be emailed all the time and check out the latest country and world news in the browser, watch YouTube videos, and chat on Hangouts. Everything depends on us and on our needs, as the size of the window can also be freely chosen.

The LG G3, as promised, is really fast and very, very good. Sharpness is caught in the blink of an eye, and automation is perfected to perfection. It will be disappointing for those who like to rummage in options that are not too many in the G3, but very satisfying for everyone who wants to take a quick and efficient photo – in the end, it is taking pictures with a phone so that it is instantly and without hesitation. Make a selection of the appropriate settings. It’s about capturing that particular moment, and the LG G3 is perfect – just hit the screen at the object we’re looking at and it’s all the same. As the LG G3 ad says, “just like that”;)

Also, it is worth noting that the back of the 13 Mpx camera in daylight is fantastic, maybe a bit worse in the evening, more noise appears, but the G3 in low light is better than the Galaxy S5. Also, the 2.1 Mpx front camera is not What a shame, although here is no excuse for what the Huawei Ascend P7 offers In general, however, I think the LG G3 can fight in the category of the best camera on the phone. It’s so good that when I went to the IFA 2014, I did not take any other camera with me. You can see the effect here

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When it comes to battery life, it’s quite common to check email, brag about the Internet, chatting and snap photos as soon as possible to capture new daughter’s actions, and believe me, I do very often (at least 50 photos a day) All day long until late at night.

In the package I received a protective case on the G3 and it was not just any, because with a window that turned out to be a very practical solution. To the case itself, I have no objections, because the phone in it is very well protected, almost armored. The previously mentioned window, after its launch, turned out to be nothing but a circular watch. However, a pleasant surprise appeared when a finger moved a menu with several shortcuts, such as camera, message, music playback.

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