The flying robot will examine the surface of jupiter

NASA is increasingly looking forward to the exploration of our solar system and plans further missions to provide more complete insights into its planets. In addition to the manned mission to Mars, the scientists also want to explore Jupiter and need a special vehicle for this task.

Jupiter is a gas giant, so to explore its surface you have to design and then build a special vehicle that can handle the atmosphere of this planet where the conditions are extremely unfriendly. NASA does not, however, intend to build such a vehicle on its own but encourages other companies to innovate in Advanced Concepts.

This time the winner was the team under the direction of Adrian Stoicim, who received for this purpose 100 thousand dollars. Money will be used to create a model that can be tested. Due to the conditions at Jupiter, the device will be something like a glider and will be designed to float in the air for long periods of time.

It is not known yet when the prototype will be ready, but Jupiter’s exploration plans are far from over so far, so we do not have much to look forward to.

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