The first smartphone was 21 years old

If you think that Apple has introduced the first smartphone, you are in error. Yes, the Cupertino company popularized these devices, but this kind of hardware was available for sale long before Steve Jobs presented his iPhone, and the first smartphone that came out of sale was 21.

The first smartphone to go on sale, despite appearances is not the iPhone, but IBM Simon, which debuted August 16, 1994. This is the launch date because the device was introduced to the world much earlier, namely at COMDEX, which took place in Las Vegas in 1992, and was the forerunner of today’s CES.

The smartphone does not resemble today’s devices, as it was primarily promoted as a personal messenger. The device features a 4.7-inch monochrome touch-screen display with a stylus that displays an image at a resolution of 60 x 293 pixels. Its heart was a 16-bit single-core Vadem processor clocked at 16 MHz, and it also installed a modem with a bandwidth of 0.002 Mbit / s. The dimensions of this device, however, were quite large and were 64 x 38 cm and the mass was 510 grams.

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