The first failure of OLED TVs?

Sony has decided to suspend production of OLED TVs, which were previously available on the Japanese market. This movement is a result of very poor sales results and a growing interest in LCD TVs.

Sony with OLED TVs entered the Japanese market three years ago, along with the first 11-inch XEL-1 model. Now the manufacturer is revising its prediction regarding the interest in OLED screens for individual consumers.

The lack of interest in OLED TVs is due primarily to the fact that these are still available in very small formats, and their prices are drastically high compared to LCD TVs. Currently, the 11-inch XEL-1 in Japan has to pay the equivalent of $ 2,000.

The manufacturer of its OLED TVs will continue to sell in the US. The issue of Europe has not yet been resolved, but the company of the Old Continent certainly does not intend to give up, because it will develop new solutions that should appear before the end of this year.

For Japanese, Sony is now preparing a new series of LED backlit LCD TVs and 3D TVs.

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