The first camera powered by light

Every photo enthusiast who loves to take pictures outdoors knows that he has to bring a large amount of batteries with him because they are running out of time very quickly. In the future, batteries may no longer be needed, as researchers at the University of Colombia have developed a camera that feeds on the light itself.

But it is not a device equipped with photovoltaic cells, such as many models of modern watches, because the invention of scientists is definitely more advanced. Their cameras use photodiodes for each of the pixels, which, when exposed to light, form an electrical circuit. Each time the camera takes a picture, the pixels switch between two modes: recording and reading the image, and then extracting energy by loading the power source.

Unfortunately, technology is still very early in development, so its capabilities are limited. Currently the camera sensor has a resolution of only 30×40 pixels and creates a grayscale image only.

The goal of the researchers was not to create a fully functional camera, but rather a foundation for future inventions. The designers claim that, after minor modifications, their camera could function as a power supply for other devices.

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