The famous hacker is dead

Barnaby Jack is a legend in a hacking environment. His high skills allowed him to hack almost everywhere, starting with ATMs, which forced him to withdraw money, on advanced network systems ending.

A 35-year-old hacker a few days ago was found dead in his San Francisco home. It is not known what caused the death, because the police refused to comment, assuring only that death was not the result of the murder.

Conspirators of conspiracy theories have a slightly different opinion on this subject, especially as the hacker’s mysterious death took place a week before the BlackHat hacker conference, where Jack was to present and prove he was able to break into a pacemaker. As he had previously claimed, his method would have been able to kill a man from a distance of nine meters.

Jack belonged to the so-called. White hats, that is, hackers who do not use their skills for criminal purposes. One of his most spectacular accomplishments was to present BlackHat in 2010, a way to remotely force ATMs to withdraw money. He worked on it for two years, practicing on three ATMs he bought and his method was based on a remote attack over WiFi.

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