The cult toy is back in the new version

Furby, a toy for children popular a dozen years ago, returns in a completely new way. The gadget is called Furby Connect and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and full collaboration with the cloud as well as mobile devices, greatly enhancing its functionality.

Furby is one of the most popular toys developed by Hasbro engineers, whose popularity peaked at a dozen or so years ago. This interactive gadget was able to learn words, speak, sing, and make funny faces. Now the toy is back in its new form and offers several completely new features.

Furby Connect is a toy of modern times. So it’s equipped with a Bluetooth module for communicating with smartphones, as well as software updates, which over time will allow it to enrich its new features.

Compared to the previous model, Furby Connect has far more ways to express your emotions. Its eyes are now small, colorful LCD displays, allowing you to present 150 kinds of expression. On the head is a backlit antenna, which signals the process of downloading new content.

Furby Connect has a lot of new sensors, which gives it a more natural response to interaction with humans, and better electronic circuitry, allowing him to pronounce more than 1000 different phrases, and also react to sound and touch. In turn, an internal built-in clock provides reactions to the time of day and, for example, reminds you of the need to have breakfast in the morning.

Just like before, two Furby pieces in the vicinity will start talking to each other, but this time they will remember their names, which they will use during subsequent conversations.

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