The British Prime Minister wants his own Air Force One

Air Force One is the safest passenger aircraft in the world, the summit of the United States. The machine is not only equipped with active defenses, but also the right communication device, which serves as a mobile command center. British Prime Minister David Cameron also wants to have a similar machine.

In recent days, the level of terrorist threat in Europe has increased dramatically, so British Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet would like to have a mobile command center, such as President Barrack Obama, in case of attacks he could safely co-ordinate the activities of state services.

As reported by Reuters, David Cameron wants to have his own Air Force One. The administration is planning to spend £ 10m on the rebuilding of the Voyager A330, used by the RAF and tailor it to the needs of the government. Unlike its American counterpart, the British Air Force One will not, however, be luxuriously finished.

Nowadays, prime ministers to charter private airplanes, so having a government machine will be a big budget savings. It is estimated that the government should save at least 775,000 pounds a year. I will add that the plane is also to be available to members of the royal family.

Of course, in the case of government transport, details of the equipment are secret, but 10 million pounds is a lot of money. It can be assumed that on board there will be communication means as well as active means of defense against air attack.

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