The breathtaking views of the Earth and polar bears in high resolution 4K

NASA has been sharing our beautiful planet with us for years, and for several months has also been broadcast live from the International Space Station.

The published material depicts the installation of scenes recorded in 4K resolution in which the aurora has been captured, both over the northern (Aurora Borealis) and southern (Aurora Australis) poles of the Earth.

ISS – a miracle of technology

The International Space Station is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of mankind. Only on the first expedition there were 22 scientific studies there, while throughout the existence of the station, there were over 1700 them together, and researchers from more than 83 countries.

$ 100-160 billion is the estimated cost of the station, which is still under construction – in the summer of last year the structure was significantly rebuilt to accommodate the current demand and prepare it for expansion of further modules.

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