The brain scan is the safest authorization system

Only a few years ago, we were able to access our devices using typed passwords. Biometric technologies such as fingerprints, voice, and iris scanning are increasingly being used. But these methods are unreliable and easy to fake, so scientists want to replace them in the future with a brain scan.

Security systems of our equipment are becoming more and more advanced and depart from traditional terms that can easily be viewed and taken over for biometric technology. Theoretically, they should be more secure, but their users are completely unaware of the fact that they are not better than typical passwords. Hackers have already proven that fingerprints of the owner can easily be obtained even from high-resolution photos.

A team of researchers from Binghamton University is working on a new, user-authenticated method that can not be faked, such as a brain scan. Their logistic approach, each time, makes the EEG user with a special set of sensors. During the authorization process, the device displays 500 images in front of the user’s eyes for 2 seconds, exploring how the brain reacts to it.

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