The bitcoin course is the highest in years

The turmoil of the global economy means that people are looking for ways to hold their funds without the risk of losing them. One such way is again Bitcoins, whose rate again exceeds $ 1,000.

Just a few years ago Bitcoins were considered the money of the future, and many people made a fortune investing in this cryptowith its course to over a thousand dollars.

However, when law enforcement agencies closed several underground markets, such as Silk Road, where Bitcoins were readily used due to the anonymity of the deal, their importance to the market declined considerably. The course went down strongly, and subsequent companies due to high exchange rate fluctuations withdrew from accepting payments in this cryptow.

It seems, however, that the situation is changing and the turmoil in the financial markets, associated with currency fluctuations such as the pound, the euro, and oil prices, Bitcoins are returning to fame again. For the last few weeks, the course of this crypto-still has gone up and for the first time in three years, again exceeded $ 1000.

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