The 12-core Skylake-X is also expected to be available sooner

Intel accelerates loading of all departments. At Computex 2017, Intel, according to the latest Chinese sources, will announce four and five new processors for the HEDT platform. Suddenly, a few days ago, it was said that the most powerful Skylake-X, ie a twelve-core unit with support for twenty-four threads, would appear later than the rest of the models.

According to the sources of Chinese Benchlife, all five Skylake-X processors are to be presented at Computex 2017, led by Navin Shenoy, head of Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG). His speech, according to sources, was scheduled for 30 May.

The new Skylake-X processors along with the Basin Falls platform and the X299 logic chip will hit the market on June 26 this year. At the same time, the quad-core Kaby Lake-X processor will also be presented. Ultimately, on May 30, we will see 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-core processors. The most powerful models are expected to compete with the expected AMD Ryzen processors for the HEDT platform, which reportedly have 12 or even 16 cores.

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