Tesla Model 3 without free recharging

The Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest electric car in the US company’s range, so it will be a bit poorer than the S model, which is almost three times more expensive than the S model. This also applies to the Supercharger supercharger for which the buyer will have to pay extra. pay.

Since its launch, Tesla Model 3 has enjoyed a lot of customer interest and the manufacturer has already assembled a fairly large number of orders. However, it is no wonder, because at a basic price of 35 thousand dollars, supported by government subsidies, it is a very attractive car.

Unfortunately, future owners of this model will have to take a bit deeper into the portfolio, because contrary to previous reports, they will not be given the possibility of life and full free use of the company’s fast loading stations, Supercharger. These stations charge the car batteries in just a few minutes, so they are ready for further use.

During a meeting for investors, Elon Musk officially confirmed that people who have pre-ordered the Model 3 will not receive a lifetime subscription for the station. This feature will be available as an optional add-on.

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