Tesla Model 3 more aerodynamic

Tesla Motors is still working on another model in its offering, and of course it is announced some time ago Model 3. It will be the first American company vehicle available at a more affordable price, according to recent reports, to be more aerodynamic, which should greatly increase its maximum reach.

The Tesla Model 3 is a particularly important vehicle for Elmo Musk, as it will be the first attempt to raise the premium segment. The currently available Model S costs $ 100,000, while the much smaller Model 3 is expected to be available for just $ 35,000 for the basic version. This is a price segment in which the competition is very strong, so Musk has to make great efforts to make his latest model aroused interest of customers.

The media reports that Tesla Motors chief has said he is pressing very hard on his engineers to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. This is to make the air drag coefficient as low as possible, which should translate into the performance of the vehicle as well as its range. And that’s where the electric model is crucial.

The Tesla Model S air resistance coefficient is 0.24 and is the same as for Class C and S. Mercedes. However, Musk wants to score less than 0.20 in Model 3. This is not an easy task as it will require significant changes in the design of the vehicle, which may not necessarily fit into a typical passenger car.

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