Tesla increases autopilot autonomy

Tesla has just released a new software update for its vehicles. This time it focuses on enhancing Autopilot’s functionality, giving it a bit more freedom.

Modern cars are becoming increasingly reminiscent of running computers. And it’s not just the ever increasing amount of software available on board, but also the fact that it is remotely updated using the mobile internet.

This option is available in Teslach which allows the manufacturer to release another update of their software. Tesla Software 8.1 is already available for Model S and Model X and brings with it several changes to the Autopilot functionality.

One of the new features is Auto Lange Change, a feature that allows the car to automatically change lanes as soon as the driver starts the turn signal. It works with Lane Departure Warning to warn the vibrating steering wheel when the driver tries to change the belt without first activating the flashing.

High Speed ​​Autosteer, which allows the driver to control the car in the hands of the computer, while driving on highways. The option runs to 130 km / h, keeping the vehicle on its lane.

The next feature is Summon, which allows you to automatically park your vehicle in confined spaces and recall it from a parking space. This option works with the mobile application or holding one of the keys on the car.

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