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The popular iPad app has been updated. The manufacturer ensures that the sketching and sketching program is redesigned. To get the most out of the application you need to get a dedicated stylus, but even without additional equipment, the application allows many convenient features.

When Apple introduced to the App Store the first version of the app, as many as 5 million Apple tablet users downloaded it. Another version of Bamboo Paper 2.0 not only allows you to quote, it also offers a wide range of writing and drawing tools. You can use a watercolor brush, a line similar to a pencil, a pen, and some other tools for personalizing your digital scrapbook.

Users who expect more than just a simple note from the application can purchase the “For Creative” version. Available in bundle tools allow you to convert your tablet into a convenient sketchbook or canvas with canvas. The notebook style pads help you to organize the saved and scratched cartridges.

The application developer paid great attention to the convenience of using the application, improved hand responsiveness, and the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus stylus, providing the ability to draw close to the natural. The Intuos Creative Stylus offers 2048 pressure levels, giving the impression of working on a piece of paper.

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