Super fast and responsive US Navy units

January 12, 2014 at the shipyard belonging to the Austal branch of Australian company Austal in Alabama baptized was the latest acquisition of the US fleet – USNS Fall River. This is the fourth of the ten ordered Spearhead transport catamarans.

Ships are at the moment the most modern US Navy transport units. They are not intended for combat operations but only for the rapid transport of soldiers and equipment.

Spearhead units can carry over 300 soldiers or 600 tons of cargo. The heart of the ship is four diesel engines, each with 9100 kW. They can accelerate the catamaran to a maximum of 43 knots (80 km / h), but usually does not move faster than 35 knots (65 km / h).

Austal USA received a $ 1.6 billion contract for the construction of ten such 100-meter units. Four of them have already been baptized, and the first of them in October 2013 passed all US Navy tests and was officially admitted to service. The company is also involved in the construction of Independence ships for the US Navy.

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