Summer electric car sold

If you think that electric cars are only available in the market for a dozen or so years, then you are in error. This type of technology was created over a century ago, and the example of one of the first electric cars is the Queen Victoria Brougham from Woods Motor Vehicle Company, which has just been sold at auction.

In the early automotive era, not only steam engines were used, but also steam, and also electric. One of the forerunners of this technology was Woods Motor Vehicle Company, which has been producing these types of vehicles since 1900 and before it shut down its doors in 1918, 500 of them were produced annually from its production line.

The company was founded in Chicago in 1899 by Standard Oil executives, businessmen from Torronto, and notables such as August Belmont responsible for the Belmont Park race track, as well as Samuel Insull, Thomas Edison’s secretary and Edison General Electric’s co-founder.

One of the most popular models was the Woods Electric Style 214A Queen Victoria Brougham chassis no. 284. Auto was built on a patent-pending basis from Edison Woods electric vehicle pioneer Edwin Woods. The vehicle had a wheelbase of 1829 mm and weighed 1179 kg. It was equipped with two extremely comfortable seats covered with high quality leather, and was able to accelerate to a whirling speed of 48 km / h at that time.

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