Subcutaneous implant for a football fan

Subcutaneous implants are not new today, they are installed by more and more people, so they can conveniently open the door to their home, pay for shopping, or enter the office. Perhaps they will soon be used by football fans as well, who will then start playing matches of their favorite team. One of the Argentine clubs already offers such implants.

Tigre, an Argentinian football club, has offered one of his biggest fans a subcutaneous implant, which allows him to enter the stadium much faster in order to see the game of his favorite team. A man entering the match only needs to put his arm into a special reader that will connect with the implant and gain access to the data collected, primarily to confirm the identity of the spectator.

Representative Ezequiel Rosino assures that the implant does not compromise privacy and the fan will not be in any surveillance, as the device contains only basic information about the implant.

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