Spotify will suggest us concerts

Spotify is not only a service that provides us with music but also offers some additional features related to this topic. With the latest update, the service has gained another feature that, based on the user’s musical preferences, will suggest him upcoming concerts.

Spotify can already suggest to the user the music that matches his preferences, and now there is a new update to this app that enriches its functionality. The app has added a new section, which suggests to the user the closest concerts in his area that may interest him.

Suggestions are based not only on the user’s musical preferences, but also on his current location, so the application will not offer him events at the other end of the country, but only those that are announced near his place of residence. Of course, the location can be set manually, which can be useful when traveling frequently.

The system uses similar solutions, which suggest to the user the songs referring to his musical taste. So if it changes over time, the proposals for concerts will also adjust.

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