Sports camera with wrist control

The classic shape of the camera is a copy of the popular GoPro proposal. Even waterproof housing looks similar. But this is a product signed by Toshiba. In addition to the name, it also offers other functionality – remote control with bracelets on the wrist.

The Camileo X-Sports manufacturer used wide-angle lenses in the camera lens. The back of the camera has a built-in 2.0 inch LCD that streamlines the video and allows you to view the shot. Toshiba submarine camera enclosures are included with the camera, and waterproofing is guaranteed up to 60 meters. New Camelio is resistant to falling from a height of up to 1.5 m. Included are several handles. This allows you to exercise your bike, ride a motor, jump and swim with your webcam. Recorded material can be previewed on your smartphone or tablet screen thanks to WiFi and Toshiba WiFi Connect. With wireless connectivity, videos and camera footage can be uploaded directly to social media sites.

Camileo X-Sport allows you to record Full HD 1080p (60f / s) video, the camera matrix is ​​a 12 MPX CMOS. The camera supports Micro-SDTM / SDHCTM / SDXCTM memory cards up to 64GB.

Weight: 94g (with battery).

Additional features: Continuous, time-lapse, simultaneous recording and photo taking, continuous shooting, upside down, time, date imprint, looped video. Dimensions: 73 x 49.5 x 29.5mm,

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