Speednite will make cycling easier at night

Speednite is a new proposition for cyclists who like to ride at night. This is a technologically advanced wheel-mounted module, featuring an on-board computer, a bright lamp with a beam control system, and a laser pointing system.

Driving after dark is not easy. The poor lights supplied by the manufacturers do not allow you to see the road too well and catch the holes where you can overturn. An interesting idea is the Speednite, a gadget developed by Kim Luk, the inventor of Hong Kong.

This is a special module for the steering wheel, which offers some interesting features. Equipped with a front light lamp of 800 lumens that automatically adjusts the light beam to the sight of the cyclist. On his helmet there is a wireless control module that records the position of the head. If it is pointing down, the lamp will illuminate the space closer to the bike. When it detects its elevation, the light stream will also rise.

A wireless controller is also installed on the steering wheel that controls the module functions, including turn signals, as well as controlling the on-board functions of the computer. This shows us the speed of the bike and the user’s pulse (requires additional accessories), and after pairing with the smartphone will display GPS coordinates. It also has a motion sensor, so if it detects a fall, it will automatically send a message to a pre-programmed contact.

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