Sony unlocks the seventh core in PlayStation 4

The success of selling over 30 million PlayStation 4 consoles is undoubtedly huge, but it does not mean that Sony can rest on its laurels. The company continues to refine its platform, and the next step in enhancing its appeal in the eyes of game developers is unlocking its seventh core core processor.

The Jaugar unit, which is the heart of the PlayStation 4 console, consists of two quad-core x86 CPUs clocked at 1.6 GHz, giving a total of eight cores. So far, only six have been made available to software vendors, while the last two have been reserved for the smooth running of the console operating system.

Sony’s biggest rival, Microsoft, earlier this year unlocked the seventh core of the Xbox One, making it more powerful for its games. This move turned out to be a hit, because it works so much better than the PlayStation 4. The best example of this is the smoother animation of Assassin’s Creed Unity and GTA 5.

So Sony decided it was time to unlock the seventh core on PlayStation 4. The company has just taken this step by providing developers with new SDK tools that will enable them to leverage all seven cores. This means that in future titles arising on this platform will start to work far better than today.

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