SodaStream siphons withdrawn from the market

SodaStream has announced the withdrawal of its siphons. Equipment that allows you to self-saturate CO2 water, because they are dangerous to health and can explode.

On a hot summer day there is nothing better than a glass of carbonated ice-cream. We do not have to buy it, because modern technology allows us to prepare such drinks ourselves. This can be done with devices called siphons that serve to saturate the fluid with carbon dioxide.

One of the most popular of this type of equipment is the SodaStream product. This small device, equipped with a plastic bottle and a special gas cartridge, allows us to saturate practically every fluid, from ordinary water, through various juices, to tea.

Unfortunately, SodaStream apparently did not fully supervise quality control during the siphon production process, as the devices risked the risk of explosion. The plastic container used to saturate the liquid is too weak. If too much gas is injected into it, it can be ruptured, causing injury to the user.

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