So for years the iphone was changing

The iPhone with every new model is seriously upgraded and equipped not only with a faster processor or better screen, but also a more advanced camera with better and better images. And now we have an incredible opportunity to see how their quality has changed over the years.

Lisa Bettany, co-creator of Camera +, has decided to show us how the camera has evolved over the past years to be installed in subsequent generations of the iPhone. Thanks to it, we have a great opportunity to compare the quality of photos taken by different models of this popular smartphone and as you can see, the difference is quite big.

The most interesting, however, is that for macro shots, the iPhone 6 does not do the best quality photos at all. It has a decisive advantage over previous models in the case of low-light photography. Lisa has prepared several different examples of portraits, photos taken in daylight, taken under the sun and at sunset.

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