Snapchat valued at 18 billion dollars

In the world of modern technology, the idea is the right idea and the right promotion, and almost overnight you can become a millionaire. An example of a good idea is Snapchat, which has a market value close to $ 18 billion a year ago.

The board of directors of the famous mobile communicator boasted that its market value was about $ 18 billion. The service, which is gaining more and more users, is still not profitable yet, which is a bit worried for investors, but the revenue grows from month to month. In the last quarter it was $ 33 million, while it was $ 59 million for the whole of 2015.

For this year, the forecasts are even more optimistic, since they assume revenue of 250 to 350 million. Next year, it is assumed that revenue will reach $ 500 million, which would mean that Snapchat will finally start to make a profit. New business strategies, such as the ability to restore previous snapshots, or the sale of Discovery tabs, as well as sponsored ads, play a big part in revenue growth.

Snapchat’s growing revenue is also a result of the growing number of users. At the end of 2014, there were only 74 million, and by the end of 2015, 110 million people were using the service each day. Encouraged to set up accounts, a number of new features such as improved chat, faceswapping, and additional options such as the ability to purchase tickets to the cinema or the latest cosmetics directly from the application.

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