Snapchat catches up with Facebook in terms of the number of movies watched

Snapchat has become a growing player in the mobile video market. According to the latest report, this well-known application is beginning to catch up with Facebook in terms of the number of videos watched, despite the fact that its users are much smaller. Every day, there are as many as 7 billion clips watched there.

Snapchat is one of the most popular moibile applications, created for communication. The special feature of the product is that the messages they send disappear after a while, and its users, in addition to the text, can also send short video clips.

It turns out that this form of communication is becoming more and more popular, and according to the latest data, Snapchat users every day watch as many as seven billion such videos and in this regard, the application is beginning to catch up with Facebook. This is surprising given the differences in the number of users of both services. Snapchat is currently used by about 100 million people, while Zuckerberg’s site is 1.55 billion. Still, in the last quarter of the year Facebook had only 8 billion video views every day.

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