Smartphone is not a regular phone

The phone is used for talking and sending SMS – it’s one of the more commonly entered passwords in the comments when reviewing individual models. However, only a person who has never been able to use the device for a long time has been called a smartphone.

Samsung’s research shows that the vast majority of smartphone users are getting used to it and can not even imagine living without it. Why is this happening?

Well, the smartphone, to put it simply, is a phone that offers access to email, web pages, social networking, office applications, multimedia. So a device that increasingly and more comfortable trying to replace the computer. And for that we can always have them with us, whether we are at school, at a conference, meeting or in the cinema. Users of this kind of equipment admit that they not only use it for business talks on vacation, but do not forget it in the bathroom, on a date, in a church and even… while practicing love.

In his survey, Samsung asked smartphone users where they talk with their devices. The answers were very simple – as many as 72 percent of respondents said they were talking in every situation. The answer is general, but frightening – every smartphone has a button that can be turned off.

Descriptions of more detailed information that use smartphones are also astonishing. Up to 59 percent of those interviewed admit to receiving calls in the middle of the night. Almost 40 per cent say that they are talking embarrassed on the date. 32 percent say they use a phone in the church, and 16 – even during a funeral. Nearly 80 percent of respondents say smartphones are an inseparable part of their lives. But as you can see – more and more often and death.

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With smartphones, users have the ability to customize their phone to their needs and interest profile. They provide full Internet access, as well as advanced personalization, such as the choice of the home screen. We ourselves decide which applications should work and which ones we want to leave inactive.

Two or three years ago, smartphones were associated with expensive equipment used primarily for business purposes. That’s why the most important thing to do is to deal with office matters. That’s why Samsung’s research shows that nearly 90 percent of the device’s users are still in constant contact with their colleagues. Up to 79% Thanks to smartphones, they respond to emails no matter what time they come. This applies not only to the so-called hours of work, but to every time of the day.

Today, functions that were available until recently only in the most expensive phones are present in the equipment offered by the operators from the zloty. So anyone can use them. And not only for professional but personal and entertainment purposes, thanks to smartphones you can stay in constant contact with all your friends. The easiest – using social networking sites. Nonsense?

Facebook allows you to preview the device from which it was given the visibility. So I looked at what devices are given to people I have in the circle of friends. Peter from iPhones says he’s stuck in traffic. Marcus using HTC asks where you can eat a good pea. Jola, luckily, sent a photo of his holiday to greet his Motorola, and Alek photos of a Turkish dinner with Samsung. Joanna Sony Ericsson has announced that it is time for a boring conference. I feel sorry for.

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What makes these devices so popular? Well, every operating system on which smartphones work (Android, Bada, Symbian, Windows Mobile and others) offers the possibility to download additional applications. Only Android has over 50k in their store. Most applications are free and make it possible for us to use our phones in a way we did not know before.

Such possibilities give rise to new behavior. Among smartphone addicts as many as 72 percent admit that they use less computer. There is no wonder, because reply to the mail you can without him. 40 percent of respondents say their phones are more efficient than their computers. And perhaps that is why for more than 30 percent of smartphone users is more important than a regular computer.

So what features should have a good phone? It should be efficient and have a fast processor. That’s for sure. It should allow you to run multiple applications at once. Finally, life is not monotonous. He should have tools and platforms for people who use them to publish content on the Internet. Tools include blogs, podcasts, and sites for sharing photos, videos, and bookmarks. It will not hurt how you will be able to use GPS, which you never know when it may come in handy. It should also be easy to allow software updates. And not just individual applications, but the entire operating system.

Are smartphones now at the peak of popularity? Everything indicates that we do not, and that we do not yet know their full potential. As many as three out of ten surveyed by Samsung believe that in the near future smartphones will replace standard PCs. Seven out of ten, on the other hand, believe that, for these reasons, the employer should provide the caller with no call limit.

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Seeing such opportunities for development, Motorola has decided to produce almost exclusively smartphones. It will mainly use Android system.

And if anyone still claims that the phone is meant exclusively for talking and writing messages let him say whether he once did not use it as a watch, did not take a picture or play any game?

Samsung Research was commissioned by Kelton Research and was conducted on 503 people aged 18 and over working in the office.

The popularity of traditional landline phones is falling. Instead, we use instant messengers and mobile phones. But before we completely abandon the fixed line, it is worth considering the cost reduction…

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