Skully has declared bankruptcy

A few years ago Skully announced the true revolution in the form of an ultra modern helmet designed for motorcyclists. The product was not only to protect the head from injuries, but also provide them with many additional features. His helmet was a visually enhanced reality viewfinder that, without limiting the road view, provided additional information such as current speed, GPS navigation, and telephone calls.

Unfortunately for some time, Skully has only translated the premiere of his product, and now we have learned that he will never hit the store shelves. It turned out that the producer has long had financial problems, from which he did not manage to get out. He also did not have a sales plan for the Chinese giant LeEco, so Skully had to declare bankruptcy.

This is a very bad news for people who trusted the company and bought a new helmet. The application for bankruptcy does not cover return, money given to customers who paid them through the A crowfunding platform are not small amounts, because the helmet cost as much as $ 1499 and so much has lost any of his would-be buyers.

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