SK Hynix presents 72-layer NAND Flash 3D memory

Developing a new solution took only 5 months. SK Hynix today unveiled the first 72-inch, 256-gigabit NAND 3D TLC memory chip. The system is supposed to offer higher capacity and performance than previous designs, with lower production costs. Of course, this is supposed to translate into market prices of memory, which, as we know at present, are unfortunately very high.

The new NAND TLC 3D 72-layer and 256-gigabyte 3D NAND TLC was unveiled just five months after the 48-layer model was unveiled, exactly one year after the announcement of the 38-layered and 128-gigabit version. SK Hynix has a really good pace of work. What is important from the perspective of the company is the production of new chips using the same lines as the older chips.

According to SK Hynix, the NAND TLC 72-layer and 256-gigabit 3D NAND TLC is 1.5 times more compact than the 48-layer modules. The chip’s performance is expected to be 20 percent higher, and internal processing is twice as fast as older chips. It has also been reported that the development of new bones will increase the production capacity by up to 30 percent.

SK Hynix announced that mass production of the new systems should start in the second half of this year. The company wants to significantly increase the delivery of bones for SSDs and mobile devices, and has also announced investments in the development of DRAM.

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