Six-Core Intel Coffee Lake S in the SiSoftware database

Is the new Core i5 representative? The SiSoftware database has repeatedly been a source of information on upcoming products and the latest leak may be similar. The first information about Intel’s six-core Intel Lake chip, intended for the general consumer, appeared.

As far as we know, up to now we’ve been able to find only four-core and eight-core processors in standard blue platforms. More advanced chips were only available on the HEDT platform, which is known to be cheap. With the launch of Coffee Lake S, the situation is about to change and it looks like six-core units will be available in several different variants.

So far, only six-core and 12-core models have been mentioned, but SiSoftware has six-core and six-core units. In the desktop chip segment, usually Core i5 models do not offer HT, so you can assume that the product will be included in this series. The chip was clocked at 3.5 GHz, but it is worth remembering that for the premiere clocks may change. On board we also have 6x 256 kB L2 cache and 9 MB L3 cache. In the description we clearly see the information that it is a product for a standard consumer platform. There is unfortunately no data on the motherboard used, but according to the gossip the layout should be compatible with the LGA1151 base, so the same as in the case of Skylake and Kaby Lake. However, the chipset will change, so it is difficult to say whether the design will be available on the currently available motherboards.

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Also worth mentioning about the Coffee Lake R processor, which also came to SiSoftware. It is a model for embedded systems offering four cores and eight threads. Its standard clock is 1.9 GHz and in Turbo chip it accelerates to 2.11 GHz. The model offers 4x 256 kB L2 cache and 8 MB L3 cache. The appearance of both chips seems to confirm rumors of the August premiere of the Coffee Lake family. According to Intel’s earlier plans, the company’s first six-chip chips for the masses would hit stores in 2018.

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