Siri creators announce new assistant

Many believe that Siri is one of the best digital assistants that mobile devices offer. This is a very subjective opinion, but you have to admit that the product available for Apple device owners is actually very good. Soon, however, he will have strong competition.

Competition is called Viv and can seriously undermine Apple’s market position because the people who make Siri are responsible for creating a new tool. The original team has reappeared and promises to create a tool at which Siri will look like a very limited children’s toy.

Viv is designed to offer features that Siri can not do in any way, and not only will not require typing, it will not need to be downloaded on your smartphone.

As far as functionality is concerned, Viv is closest to Alexy, an assistant used by Amazon who lets you order pizza, read a book, control heating, provide latest sports scores, and much more. The new tool is capable of integrating with a wide range of applications to operate at a much deeper level than Siri.

Viv will be presented next Monday and we will get to know all the details of the new tool. However, it is aroused by the great interest of the biggest giants, because the offer to buy the company submitted by Facebook and Google, but none of it came out.

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