Singapore will design autonomous wheelchairs

Singapore authorities plan to relieve the medical staff of hospitals. They intend to create autonomous wheelchairs. They will carry patients themselves without supervision from the staff.

Many companies are working on autonomous vehicles that will soon be off the road in the near future. However, this kind of technology does not have to be limited to automotive. Singapore authorities would like to use it in hospitals, too, in wheelchairs.

Currently patients after surgery must be transported in such trucks for safety reasons. Many are unable to move on their own and need help from the staff. It absorbs workers when they can do other tasks at that time. The authorities of this country want to help medical staff and intend to construct autonomous carts, operating entirely independently.

The project will be launched in March next year, and the trolleys will be equipped with a computer vision, machine learning system and a special computer that will keep the machine moving. Trolleys will carry patients on their own in the hospital, saving the workforce for staff whose hospitals do not have much.

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