Silent Partner will silence the snoring Partner

Snoring is a very serious problem because it hurts to sleep with a partner of such person. Although there are treatments to get rid of it, but if the snoring does not intend to give up, there is another solution that should equally effectively deal with this problem without medical intervention.

This solution is called Silent Partner and is a small module that is put on a snoring night. However, the device does not directly eliminate the problem of snoring, but it drowns it. It emits a sound wave of the opposite phase to the sound of snoring, and as a result, both sounds stand up. The device uses well-known noise reduction technology, which is built into the microphone.

Silent Partner designers claim that their equipment is effective already at a distance of 8 cm from the snorer. The set consists of 14 special patches, each of which lasts about a month of use. The product will be available in October next year for $ 59 and more information on Indiegogo.

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