Shotgun on the bears

Astronauts going to space take with them very different equipment that will allow them to survive in space. One may be surprised that the Russian astronauts also had very dangerous rifle bears. However, there are no concerns about the meeting of aliens.

Astronaut after the space mission returns to Earth in a special capsule, equipped with a very comprehensive survival package, to ensure his survival until the arrival of a team of specialists who will take him home. In the case of the Soyuz capsules used in the 1982-2006 survival package called Granat-6, it was equipped with a… rifle on the bears. Russia is a big country, and a large part of it is the area where wild animals, including bears, play. It was just before them to protect the aforementioned weapon.

The TP-82 is a very simple construction, with no unnecessary additions. Shotgun was astronaut protection. Although the TP-82 looks like a normal gun, it is a short-barrel rifle with high attack power, which can easily calm the half-tone bear. This weapon is not only a weapon, but a multi-functional device, as it can also serve as a shovel and also has a 36-cm machete.

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