Serious bug found in dreamliner

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has had a lot of problems from the very beginning, and the biggest of these was the faulty batteries that had grounded the machines for months. The most recent finding of defects of this construction is, however, much more dangerous, as it may cause the pilot to lose control over the machine.

The Dreamliner 787 is probably the biggest defeat of Boeing, which shocked from the beginning with a number of faults, including life-threatening passengers. The most serious disadvantage of these machines was the lithium-ion batteries that powered the electronic systems that could overwhelm the flames due to overheating. Because of this, the planes had a lot of emergency landing and were grounded for many months before the engineers made the necessary corrections.

It would seem that the planes will no longer be a hassle, but this is a misleading impression, as a further, even more serious, flaw has been discovered, which can result in complete loss of control of the machine by the pilots and consequently its breakdown.

The problem is with power generators and is revealed when they have been used for the last eight months. The flaw came out during laboratory tests, where it turned out that the generators every 248 days went into emergency mode, completely off. This means a total lack of power to the aircraft, and consequently the exclusion of all control systems and the loss of control. If a malfunction would occur during the takeoff or landing of the machine, this would mean an inevitable catastrophe.

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