Secure gate to a virtual playground

Until recently, children with tablets looked with some compassion. It was an image of my parents’ helplessness and laziness. Now I have a two-year-old daughter and my optic has undergone a drastic change, because unless it comes down to this device as a substitute parent, the tablet can be an interesting supplement to everyday play. Still, I would not give my daughter a better tablet. Especially after I saw in Samsung’s “Children Mode” action.

Tablet for the baby? Yes, but with limited trust

To my hands was a seven-inch tablet Samsung, Galaxy Tab A (2016), which is a typical medium. The screen displays an image at 1280×800 resolution, the heart of the device is quad-core chip supported by 1.5GB of RAM, and the system and data is allocated 8GB of memory. But we have a memory card slot, a very bright display, a decent 5 megapixel camera, an FM radio, an optional LTE modem, and a great finish in the standard – the back is made of non-skid material, making the tablet very secure in the palm of your hand. Design typical of Samsung devices, with a mechanical button on the bottom edge, combined with extremely practical rubber back, is something that you can very quickly like the Galaxy Tab A.

But parents will love this tablet as soon as possible, thanks to the function called “Child Mode”. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A can create a safe space for your child to navigate within the selected application, set a time limit, and access the advanced features of the tablet. In a nutshell – even the youngest Miluszinski will not be able to change, delete, but most importantly, view unwanted content lurking on the Internet.

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“Child Mode”, a parent-controlled safe harbor

The Galaxy Tab A is able to cut off the dangers of the adult world from the fun and education of children. The brief configuration allows you to determine what apps will be available to your baby and how much time you can spend with your tablet every day. It is important to define six independent profiles so that the youngest can get a simpler playing tool and the older ones are more suited to their age.

The easiest way is to get access to camera and camera applications, but they are specially adapted tools that are not associated with classic counterparts in any way: the camera is easy to use and allows you to apply funny effects to your pictures. It also applies to profiles created).

At Samsung launches an interactive home where kids can dress, wash and feed their locals (fun for the little ones only), easy access to the LEGO app (special bookmark), and a selection of militia games. There are only 25 items, but carefully selected – this is to make the child on his own have access only to relevant content. The parent can install anything that is a Google store offer, and then add the application to access the “Child Mode”.

The Galaxy Tab A’s classic mode of “Child Mode” is completely separated by a four-digit PIN. Anyone can enter the world of the child, but get out, change the setting, or extend the fun time by only knowing the right combination of digits. This means that the data saved on the tablet, advanced settings (the child does not have access to the notification panel and screen brightness settings), and non-adapted apps, are out of reach for the fun of playing the tablet.

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The way to limit the fun time with the tablet was also great. For example, we determine that a child can use the device for 30 minutes a week, and a week longer at weekends. When the time is over, a sleepy crocodile appears on the screen, giving a clear signal that he is tired and resting. After the “Child Mode” time has elapsed, it is blocked through the screen with a tasty sleeping crocodile. This is a great way to self-control, both for the baby and for the parents, who after the third, fifth episode of Peppy Piggy can lose their count of time. It is also easy to explain to the toddler that the crocodile was tired and time for another fun. However, if there are eyes that are similar to those of a Shrek cat and our strong will is broken, there is the option of extending the fun time. Of course, after entering a PIN.

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