Scientists have developed a new coating of invisibility

Many of you have been dreaming of having a special cape that would ensure invisibility, allowing you to do what you want. In that case, I have good news, because scientists at the University of California at San Diego have developed a technology that can provide such invisibility.

Professor Boubacar Kante and his team have created a new kind of camouflage that provides practically complete invisibility, not only for radar systems, but also for the human eye. The material they have been working on for 9 years, in a very simplistic way, is a thin layer of teflon coated with ceramic particles. This allows you to modulate the wavelengths of energy along the electromagnetic scale, both in visible light and radar.

The technology created by the researchers is not new, but it is far better than anything the Defense Department has so far had, as you may have guessed, want to lay a paw on it for military use. Previous versions of invisibility systems used to hide layers of material used to hide objects, while the new version needed only one layer.

The new material is not yet perfect, since its thickness depends on the wavelength that it can block. In addition, it can block a single wave at any given moment, not to mention that the system only works when the incoming signal reaches a 45 degree angle.

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