SAS aircraft miraculously avoided a crash in the air

The catastrophe was very close. Scandinavian airline SAS’s passenger plane had to change course at the last minute to avoid a collision with a Russian reconnaissance plane. This is disclosed by Swedish public television.

SAS aircraft March 3 flew from Copenhagen to Rome. Shortly after the start the crew was given information by an unidentified object moving along the same corridor. However, the object was not visible on the radar mounted on the plane. According to Jens Olsson of the Swedish Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission, which investigates the incident, the mysterious object turned out to be a Russian reconnaissance aircraft, Il-20. It is a machine that is responsible for detecting, intercepting and tracking telecommunications and IT sources.

The incident took place 50 kilometers southwest of Malmö, at the international waters. The Russian machine was captured by the ground-based radar system. Thanks to that, the pilot of the SAS plane was alerted at the last minute, who managed to change course at the last minute. Airplanes are only 90 meters away. The regulations allow a minimum distance of 300 meters. The crew of the passenger plane was able to see that the Il-20 was painted gray, had a long antenna on the roof, but no signs.

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